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Aluminum Construction

shown here with cart cover
cart covers sold for $62.00


Optional brake system locks both center wheels to prevent movement while loading/ unloading.

Carts stay in place while being transported or unattended.

Brakes can be set from both sides and both ends for convenience.

Ergonomic round handle is easier on driver’s hands.

Heavy duty understructure reduces risk of injuries and spills due to caster failure.

Widest wheelbase in the industry making the cart more stable.

One piece formed deck eliminates “peeling” that can cause product damage and driver injury.

Optional exclusive cover system contains product even with one side open.

Helps protect product from shifting during transportation.

Handles are reinforced and heat treated reducing the risk of bending.

Welded design won’t loosen over time like riveted designs.

One piece deck eliminates peeling of the top skin, broken welds and prevents waving and warping inherent in welded deck designs.

Caster plates are full width and full perimeter welded reducing damage caused to carts by twisting during use.

Heavy duty support structure for center wheels reduces risk of failure compared to caster designs.

Full length stringers are integrated into deck providing additional strength and support.

Corner pockets are fully welded preventing them from breaking out.


Cart Cover

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